Friday, April 18, 2014



Just returned from a fun rv adventure with my hubby to Tucson, Arizona.  While there we visited some interesting places including a tour of the ASARCO copper mine, the Reid Park Zoo (the four lion cubs were just adorable!!!), the Pima Air and Space Museum (the USAF Thunderbirds were flying overhead…amazing!!) and a drive through the Saguaro National Park.  The temperature was unusually warm for this time of year (up in the 90s with about 5% humidity…yes, it's a dry heat LOL!!!). While I prefer warm/hot weather, I find it's so much better when you can get used to it gradually…instead we ended up sweating a lot and drinking a case of water in just a couple of days!!!  But it was worth it because we happened to be there when the cactus were in bloom and I enjoyed taking lots of photos….especially of the saguaros (the buds look like brussel sprouts to me!!) and the ocotillos (love the tube shape of the flowers).  We will probably visit this part of the Southwest again, but in a bit cooler weather, because there are still places we'd love to see. Hope you enjoyed the photos; and if you are interested in reading about the places we visited, just click on the name to take you to their website.

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  1. just beautiful pics, terry! wishing you a happy easter!


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