Tuesday, April 29, 2014


After taking time away to travel and have fun with my husband, I was able to finally sit down and finish my Tim Holtz's Eclectic Elements pillows when we were back home.  I started with a charm pack (that, as it turned out, was not cut by the manufacturer to a true 5" for each square, most were off…but I was able to make lemonade out of those lemons!!!).  I used my new Kansas Troubles Quilters Spare Change Ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co. to make the blocks (they also have the Five & Dime Ruler to use with layer cakes and charm squares. I chose a cream solid I had in my stash to cut the 2 1/2" squares for the center of each block using my pinking rotary blade (or you can use those adorable mini charm packs).  To see how the blocks go together, check out the tutorial on MSQ. The result of the 5" charms not being cut the same size resulted in the centers being 'off' when they were cut into fourths and sewn back together, however, I really like the 'shabby' look..sometimes mistakes are for the best.  I quilted the pillow fronts using the serpentine stitch on my machine and love how they came out. For the back of each pillow I used yardage from two other prints in the Eclectic Elements collection. I didn't want to waste the leftovers from the pillow fronts and backs, so I made a matching mug rug for my sewing studio.  I still have lots of yardage from the collection and plan on making a quilt with it…perhaps with the Five & Dime Ruler :)  

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  1. love the "lemonade" you've made, terry:) i really like the cream squares! happy weekend!


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