Saturday, April 5, 2014


Zabriski Point

Artist's Drive (on one of our hikes)

Scotty's Castle

Death Valley Ranch

Bessie Johnson's Sewing Machine

Death Valley National Park in California is a very interesting, and extremely different, place to visit (and the scenery was perfect for testing out some of the features on my new camera). It's located a couple of hours drive from Las Vegas, NV and has a few places in the park to stay overnight (we chose Stovepipe Wells because of its location in the park…pricey, but convenient).  My husband and I have been there a few times in the past and decided to go back with two good friends of ours who had never visited it before….so for the past few days we toured, hiked and drove through different areas of the park.  One of our favorite places to see is known as Scotty's Castle (the actual name, however, is Death Valley Ranch) and in this amazing home is the original owner's sewing machine (is that not adorable??)….how had I not noticed it on a previous visit?...(probably it's because I didn't quilt at that time) and there is just so much to try and take in on the tour that it's worth more than one visit…just be sure not to go when the air temperature can reach 134 degrees.. which it did last year one day in July!!!! We had great weather…and even a bit of rain. Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. such gorgeous pictures, terry! love the names they gave places, buildings and drives:)

  2. ohhh my word..your photos are absolute worthy of a mag cover..


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