Friday, February 10, 2012


I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day but wanted to create a little something to put on the new hanger I recently purchased (it holds a 12 inch block).  It was simple enough to figure out that I would need eight half square triangle blocks and eight squares (six of the design fabric and two solid white) to make a heart.  While looking through my fabric stash, I found a quarter yard of fabric that I got from my daughter (she bought it a long time ago to make some fun project but decided she wouldn't have time as she's extremely busy with her hand crafted jewelry business). The colors were right for my heart block, however, the design is (I'm guessing) Superwoman so I carefully fussy cut as much as I could but you can see in the lower right corner part of the 'S'.  I used the rest of the fabric to make hanging tabs and pieced the back.  To quilt it I straight stitched 1/4" around the inside of the heart, along the outside edge and outside the heart block. This could easily be made larger to use as a place mat by adding larger borders; as a mug rug or with extra batting as a potholder. 


  1. very cute, terry! and i love the hanger, too! this would be cute as a coaster:)

  2. cute! i love the little hanger :) i have a giveaway going on at my butternut street blog.
    i don't have many entries if you wanna come check it out. fabric! lol. have a great friday.

  3. This one I gotta ooooooh and ahhhhhhh over cause it's soooo pretty! LOVE the design! :O)


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