Monday, February 20, 2012


 Front of finished itty bitty twister quilt
 Back of finished itty bitty quilt
 Cut and sew squares
 Add border
 Line up Twister Tool and start cutting
 All cut and ready to sew
 All stitched  (see how much smaller it is now)
Binding stitched on the front, Wonder Clips to hold in place for hand sewing to back

I picked up this Itty Bitty Twister Tool on the trip to Colorado, I mentioned in a previous post, at the same time I purchased the slightly larger one.  If you follow the instructions that come with it, you will end up with a tiny 10 inch square quilt. I wanted something smaller to use in my sewing room as a mug rug so I didn't cut as many 2 1/2 inch squares.  The pictures show how I made this miniature quilt.  Mine is approximately 7" square.  I decided to have fun quilting it by using some blue thread to make free-form flowers in the center of each lighter color twist (they can be seen best in the picture of the back of the quilt with those cute mice). As a note, it is much easier to cut with this size tool if you have a rotating cutting mat (the yellow one in pics) along with a small rotary cutter. I love my Wonder Clips, they were especially helpful with the narrow binding on this project. While this was a lot of work, it was fun. The best part is you can use jelly roll strips to save time in cutting all the squares, which I'll probably do next time I do a project using this tool.


  1. So cute, aren't they fun to make! Now I want to make another one!

  2. so cute--i love how tiny it is, terry:) but, the cutting it up part--that would make me cringe a bit:)

  3. This is really cute! I love the design! :O)


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